After recovery and deposition of the LPC the extracted pressure core sample remains in a hermetically sealed pressure chamber In order to determine the exact volume of the free and bound gases in the sample, a specialized on-site degassing unit is connected to the pressure vessel of the LPC for controlled degassing. The mixtures of fluids that bleed off from the core while degassing are then separated into their constituent gas and liquid components before the exact volumes and, if desired, the composition of the fluids (Gas & Liquid analysis) are determined. Depending on the client’s needs, the fluids can be stored in special containers for further analysis or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Once the degassing process is complete the pressure vessel can be opened up to remove the sample and remaining liquids from the core barrel system. After its removal, the core sample is under atmospheric conditions and can then be passed on the client to undergo the conventional core processing and analysis methods.