Pressure Coring

The Large Pressure Corer (LPC) is a unique core barrel system for the retrieval of pressure core samples from great depths. This drill string conveyed core barrel system is operated in the same way as a conventional double tube core barrel. The design of the LPC allows constant mud circulation throughout coring and POOH to guarantee well stability. The LPC was developed especially for exploration of oil and gas reservoirs. Its design is optimized for the operation in hard rock formations

We also offer other pressure coring services for taking samples from soft sea floor sediments. The corresponding coring systems can be deployed with minimal effort from small research vessels and have been successfully deployed worldwide in industry and research projects for more than ten years, leading to groundbreaking findings in e.g., gas hydrate research.

In addition to analyzing deeply buried unconventional oil and gas reservoirs, the pressure coring technology of Corsyde International also allows to evaluate deep-sea gas hydrate deposits and examine the benthic, pressure-sensitive meso- and micro-fauna.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the services we offer or the technical details of our devices.