A number of high performance technologies are used in order to meet the constantly increasing demands for the evaluation of reservoirs. Among other methods, samples from the target formations are analyzed in order to provide engineers evaluating these reservoirs with the greatest degree of accuracy when creating their reservoir models.

With the rising exploitation of new and unconventional reservoirs to cover the worlds energy demands, the requirements on the quality of the extracted samples have increased significantly.

The patented* sampling procedure of Corsyde Int. GmbH & Co. KG allows you to trap the extracted samples in a pressure vessel in their natural state - the in-situ conditions (pressure in particular) as well as all of the liquids and gases found in the sample are preserved in their aggregate state. The isobaric recovery process prevents the fluids from expansion and hence hinders any kind of significant change of the mechanical, geo-physical and structural parameters of the sample.

This allows it to trip out of hole at the highest possible rates without the need for time-consuming POOH schedules as they are used for conventional coring to reduce structural damage of the sample. This reduces rig time, especially when dealing with samples with high gas content.

Coupled with well-established low-invasion coring procedures (coring with minimal contamination of the core), using pressure coring results in a sample of highest quality and a significant evaluation validity.

* patent pending