The Pressure Coring Engineers

CORSYDE is your partner when it comes to the development and operation of pressure coring equipment as well as a wide range of associated services and analysis methods to extract unaltered and most accurate information from the deep subsurface.

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Data from subsurface samples should not be a matter of guesswork

Our vision is to bring an alive piece of reservoir to the laboratory.

The alteration of core samples throughout the process of acquisition and retrieval plays a major role in the cycle of data acquisition for any potential downstream processing. Throughout the past numerous procedures and methods have been developed and implemented to account for these changes in order to reduce potential uncertainties in final models and assessments.

Pressure Coring is the most sophisticated coring method with regards to actual sample quality and enables laboratories as well as end users to access information not obtainable by other means.

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Resources & Storage

Pressure retained cores in their original reservoir state condition for in-situ data determination

Once the question to core a well has been raised there is the chance to consider the acquisition of pressurized cores in order to:

  • Determine in-situ data which is not obtainable
    by other means

  • Calibrate off-set data from older- or future wells        

  • Confirm and contextualize logging data and other core- or fluids samples

  • Provide a core sample of the highest possible quality

Pressure coring campaigns can either be a “stand-alone” solution to answer any of the above questions or part of a broader scope of work including other data acquisition methods.

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Marine Technology

Pressure retained seafloor samples for advanced geoscience and observation of barophilic bacteria

A variety of pressurized sampling methods allow for the acquisition of unprecedented datasets. Sea floor and sub-seafloor samples to gain knowledge of the deep biosphere are an essential part when it comes to generating a better understanding of our ecosystem.

Pressurized sampling allows for a preserved sample which can be analyzed immediately or stored for further processing on-shore.

Different methods can be applied based on platforms such as Remotely Operated Vehicles/Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Sea Floor Drill Rigs, or gravity corers deployed from offshore vessels.

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Engineering Services

Development, manufacturing and commissioning of coring equipment and auxiliary equipment

To account for this diversity in applications, we don't limit ourselves to only adapting our services but also to offering customized equipment to fit each client's individual needs.

In the past years we have broadened our tool pool and acquired the know how in how to deliver hardware which will perform in the optimal way to deliver all defined KPIs.

Project specific design or customized assemblies for any application, from core barrel components to entire sampling procedures: we can develop and deliver a wide range of solutions.

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